Put Your Money Where Your Post-Election Fear Lies

In the wake of the 2016 presidential election results, you may still feel as if you’re in a fog – a dream from which you can’t wake up. Pinch yourself, it’s real. In the words of Seth Meyers, “for the first time in history, ‘our president [will] be a steak salesman.'”

With this new administration comes a new threat against our communities, our basic human rights and our warming planet.

Are you awake now? It’s time to get to work.

You may feel powerless in this moment, but the nonprofit sector is your beacon of hope. There are thousands of organizations throughout the United States that are working to protect the things we hold dear.

Take action today by putting your dollars to work:

Do you like living on planet Earth? Are you a fan of breathing air? Consider a donation to the Environmental Defense Fund.

Do you know a woman? Do you think she should have a right to protect and make informed choices about her body? Your donation to Planned Parenthood will go a long way.

Do you believe immigrants and refugees are humans and deserve to be treated as such? National Immigrant Justice Center and the International Rescue Committee will use your donation to advocate for people who want to call the U.S. “home”.

Do you think all people deserve healthcare? Organizations like Arizona-based Phoenix Allies for Community Health are making sure even the uninsured have access to quality medical care.

Though you may feel disappointed, you don’t have to feel powerless.