A Broader Approach to Nonprofit Donation Pages


I made a donation to a national poverty-fighting organization this morning. A viral video landed in my inbox that told a story about their work. It was so moving, I felt compelled to donate. I also felt compelled to share with them how they had touched me.

Their donation page was easy to navigate, looked secure and my donation was processed with ease. However, there was something omitted from the page — a comment box. What a missed opportunity!

I was itching to give them a soundbite, an anecdote, a quote that they could use in future fundraising efforts. I wanted to thank them and tell them why I support them. But the payment was processed and the conversation ended.

This is a common mistake that nonprofits make. It is a narrow view, focusing only on the transaction. A broader approach provides the opportunity for more data gathering, and increased donor engagement.

There are numerous, fantastic lists of ways to maximize your nonprofit donation page (here’s one), but they all seem to leave out one pertinent question: What inspired you to give today?

Giving donors the opportunity to share why they are donating to your nonprofit has numerous benefits:

  • Donors feel more connected to your organization, and are more likely to give again
  • Organizations can further hone target audience for fundraising appeals
  • Provides direct quotes from donors to support future marketing efforts
Research shows that the most effective nonprofit donation pages keep it simple. But adding this one question can make a big impact. Don’t miss the opportunity to ask why… chances are, your donors want to tell you.